Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mark Sanford "Soulmate Revealed"

Now the true identity of Gov. Mark Sanford's "soulmate" has been revealed: it's Rep. Joe Wilson (R) S.C. who demonstrated his patriotism and family values last night by calling President Obama a liar in front of all of Congress and the nation. Probably the only person happier than Gov. Sanford and Rep. Wilson to have their deep affinity declared publicly, would be their cohort Republican California Assemblyman and "family values" champion Mike Duvall who resigned today after publicly revealing his own soulful relationship with two female lobbyists. Isn't there a name for women who trade sex for money and favors? Oh, that's right, it's called lobbying. What a lucky day for you Mike Duvall. Damn that Joe Wilson. He knows how to get all the attention.

Friday, January 16, 2009

O'Reilly is a Pig but America Loves the Taste of Pork

Looking at a recent clip of O'Reilly posted on Crooks & Liars, in which he is shitting his Depends over possible war crimes investigation of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld torture, it's clear that there are plenty of well-placed leaders who will foment a violent response if these investigations ever go forward. Who will lead the charge in favor a full investigation and, if warranted, prosecution?

Don't expect anyone in the Obama camp to take the lead against torture-triad. With the economy in the tank, war all over the Middle East and a gutless, brainless Congress, Obama will see the risk is too great for any potential gain that might result if the triad stood before a court of law. He's also smart enough to know that here in the US, they'd be protected by various flavors of legal immunity, especially thanks to the Yoo memos saying that torture is A-OK. The Hague is a possibility, but Iraq currently is not a member of the court and would have to join for prosecutions to take place. Memo to seekers of justice: Don't hold your breath.

Getting back, though, to the original point, why is O'Reilly or Rush or Palin or Beck a leader, anyway? It's easy to ridicule O'Reilly and the other propagandists like Rush, Drudge, Beck and the rest. But what about the populace that can't get enough of their puke? We've been locked into a right-wing disinformation ghetto by people who have an unending appetite for the taste of hate. "Amurkuns is a bunch a dumb haters?" Who's got the medicine to fix that?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Who Hates the USA? Racist Republicans, That's Who

Isn't it wonderful to see the Republican Party's true views on issues of race and ethnicity being spread on CD, just in time for the holidays? With the distribution of a "parody" CD containing songs titled "Barack the Magic Negro" and "The Star Spanglish Banner" RNC Chair candidate Tennessee Republican John "Chip" Saltsman cheerfully tells the world that racism is not only funny, but demonstrates unapologetically that it is one of the core values supporting the Republican Party. The CD, ironically is entitled "We Hate the USA." Of course, the songs included clearly define the "We" to which the title refers: white Republicans who think that they can dismiss their obvious racism and religious extremism by calling it "political parody."

Chip's CD should come as no surprise. Chip was Mike Huckabee's campaign manager this past election, after first supporting Bill Frist. Frist, a physician, interfered publicly in Terry Schaivo's case. Against her husband Mike's wishes, Frist led attempts to prevent Mike from helping his wife Terry die with whatever dignity she had left after the freak show led by Frist.

Vulgar fantasy-based pandering apparently being to his liking, Saltsman later threw his support behind Huckabee (for a reported $15,000 per mo.). The jovial Huckabee wants to turn the US into a right-wing theocracy, in which the Bill of Rights is gutted by the christian falange's extremism and where the fantasy-based word of g#d, supplants the words of the founders.

Hey Chip--news flash--when the WSJ knows you've crossed the line, you should know you're busted. You've got to repent by lying like Bill Clinton and saying "sorry." Otherwise, take a lesson from Republican delegate Randy Gray, II from Midland, MI, who paraded on the streets in full KKK regalia while armed with a hand gun. Better hide that satin hood a little while longer Chip or you'll be a victim, punished for your beliefs just like him.

Or, you could be really honest and admit this isn't "political parody" we're dealing with here. It's your venal attempt to reactivate the "base", after getting hammered in November, by coming out of the closet in your KKK drag to remind the flock that g#d wants them to hate hard and hate long and keep those checks coming in to preserve the white-male-christian way of life.


Politico reports that Mike Duncan, RNC chair, has issued a statement repudiating Saltsman's efforts at "parody":
Duncan's statement, in full: "The 2008 election was a wake-up call for Republicans to reach out and bring more people into our party. I am shocked and appalled that anyone would think this is appropriate as it clearly does not move us in the right direction."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hourly Wage of Goldman Sachs CEO in 2007? In 2.5 hrs. He Made More than the Average Household Earned in 1 Year.

In 2006, Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at the Stern School of Business at NYU, predicted the current financial crisis. Now, after watching his prediction come true, Roubini has reviewed 42 similar banking crises that occurred since 1970. Roubini is not all "Yo!" about the federal giveaway. Unlike Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, who holds his nose but say "OK" to swallowing the proposed $700 billion carnival of love for Wall Street, Roubini is all "Whoa Nellie, Wall Street bitches, that's $700 billion of public money you're washing your caviar down with!"

Giveaways are being demanded of the UAW and given by its members in exchange for the paltry $14 billion GM and Chrysler are asking for. These demands are a stick-up by union-busting redneck Senators whose states are occupied by foreign non-union car manufacturers.

Roubini comes to the not-so-startling conclusion that it would be fair to demand of Wall Street what Congress is demanding of the UAW. Private shareholders and creditors should have to ante-up and taxpayers ought to get a piece of the companies' good assets and future business, not their worthless assets.
[I]f the private sector had done its fair matching share only $350 billion of public money could have been used; and of this $350 billion half could have taken the form of purchase of bad assets and the other half should have taken the form of injection of public capital in these financial institutions. So instead of purchasing – most likely at an excessive price - $700 billion of toxic assets the government could have achieved the same result – or a better result of recapitalizing the banks – by spending only $175 billion in the direct purchase of toxic assets.
BTW, based on 2005 figures, the average annual earnings of an investments and acquisitions manger was $2.75 million per year. This works out to $881.41 per hour for a 60 hour week. If you look at the CEO's, the figure goes up just a little.

Looking higher on the management food pyramid, Goldman Sach's 2008 proxy statement confirms that CEO Jon Winkleried was awarded $71,455,426.00 in compensation or $22,902.38 per hour for a 60 hour week. Lehman Brothers CEO R.F. Fuld, Jr., was paid a measly $34,382,036.00, in 2007, which works out to only $11,019.88 per hour. No wonder Lehman went broke; they couldn't afford good help. And, Steven J. Bensigner, former CFO of AIG, was paid a piddling $23,499,990.00, in 2007. At $7,532.05 per hour, Bensigner was dirt-cheap. No wonder AIG needed $150,000,000,000.00 of taxpayer money for its X-mas bonuses this year.

The median income for an American household for 2007 as reported by the Census Bureau: $50,740.00.

Carl says, "DON'T BE DUMB. If UAW members are going to have to clean up GM's and Chrysler's mess in order to pay for Christmas, Wall Street shareholders and creditors ought to be dropping their coins in the kettle, too. Otherwise, Johnny Wall Street should get a lump of coal, for the holiday, instead of that new BMW he thought he'd get from Santa Henry. Save the banks, but don't make the thieves who ruined them with Reagan's help richer. While you're at it, stop union-busting by Hillbilly Senators who want to keep the plantation alive and well on government money!"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shinseki Appointment: Moving to the Center is Good for the Left

Naming Gen. Eric Shinseki Secretary of Veteran's Affairs gave the US a double dose of goodness. Rumsfeld insisted that Shinseki's estimate that hundreds of thousands of troops would be needed to invade and hold Iraq was wrong. Shinseki told Congress Rumsfeld was full it. Rumsfeld, who never served in combat, like his draft-dodging bosses Bush (AWOL during air national guard service) and Cheney (five draft deferments during Viet Nam), publicly "pilloried and humiliated" Shinseki, a combat wounded veteran, for his honesty, and forced him to resign after 38 years of service.

Now, rubbing Rummy's and Cheney's noses in their Iraq crime, by rehabilitating Shinseki, is satisfying. Like Obama's other centrist appointments, it's good for the Left.

Shinseki's appointment is not only pragmatic; it's highly symbolic and extremely political. Shinseki is Japanese American, from Hawaii. He and Obama are faces of the "other" America--the America outside Oklahoma.

Obama supporters continue to complain about appointments he's making as "more of the same."

They're missing the point: the middle has to move way back to the real center, and coalesce before the US can make any headway toward a progressive future. People have to calm a get a grip on reality, instead of the propaganda being spread everywhere. Obama's choices are confidence building center-strengthening strategies that will create an eddy for the Left to regroup and start moving us in "right" direction.

Carl says, "DON'T BE DUMB. We don't need people who will reinvent the car; we need some people who now how to drive. Then we can make the left turn we that's out there waiting for us."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mia Farrow's Darfur Solution: Send in the Blackwater Thugs

ABC's Brian Ross reports that Mia Farrow recently had a friendly breakfast with Erik Prince, CEO of Blackwater Worldwide. What's Farrow doing talking with the Black Prince? She's convinced that his company has the right experience to provide "logistical support" for African Union forces in Darfur.

"Prince, meanwhile, has reportedly said that with about 250 professionals, Blackwater could transform roughly one thousand of the African Union soldiers into an elite and highly mobile force."

Prince's experience smuggling weapons certainly would come in handy. As would his employees' can-do attitude, once they're released from FBI custody. Mia apparently is not concerned by allegations that Blackwater's happy-go-lucky trigger men's favorite breakfast is a big bowl full of steroids?

Carl says, "DON'T BE DUMB MIA FARROW. Inviting Blackwater to get involved in Darfur is like asking Woody Allen to drive the baby sitter home."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Campbell Brown is a Brittle Cardboard Whiner

Campbell Brown of CNN wants to make a BIG POINT about gender bias. Brown tears Hillary Clinton up because Hill forgave Jon Favreau, an Obama speech writer, for grabbing Hillary's right boob during the campaign. Not her actual boob, a virtual one on a cardboard cutout. Brown thinks Hill seriously compromised her "feminism" by forgiving Favreau after he apologized publicly for his "offense." Brown apparently fails to realize what kinds of compromises it takes to live under the same roof, more or less, with Bill.

Hillary long ago knew about his penchant for Arkansas trailer trash. Hillary is way too interested in advancing her own career to kick Bill and his political cronies to the curb. Hillary's feminism was a campaign tactic. Other than gender identity, what was she offering? Bombing Iran?

If we're talking about symbols, how money is spent styling Campbell to give her that sexy newsmodel look? Hammering critics of Hillary's cackle and cleavage is weird, given the way Brown's being presented. Could an overweight older woman be trained to read the teleprompter just as well? Maybe Brown should be advocating for these women? Or, these.

Carl says, "DON'T BE DUMB, CAMPBELL. Favreau's act was symbolic, like tearing up the pictures of the boys who've dumped you and burning them, or drawing a mustache on a campaign sign. Lighten up. If you want to go after Hillary for not being feminist enough, go after her for not dumping a guy who's grabbed real boobs and tails all over the world--her husband. If it weren't for Bill, Obama would be succeeding Al Gore."